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Food Trucks Are Putting Money into the DC Economy at a Time of Recession

Since the first food truck opened in the District in 2009, the DC food truck community has been investing in the local economy, creating jobs and helping to revitalize underdeveloped areas – all during a time of one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history.

Food Trucks Are Creating Jobs

At a time when bank lending to small businesses has become harder to come by, food tucks are supporting and creating new jobs. In addition to hiring local services, such as bookkeepers and mechanics, and buying ingredients from local sources, members of the DCFTA together create more than 250 full-time jobs here in the District.

Food Trucks Are Mobile Economic Engines

Food trucks demonstrate retail and restaurant viability and help attract new businesses to underdeveloped areas. For example, the Department of Employment Services and DCFTA in 2012 organized Food Truck Wednesdays in an area of Ward 7 with few brick-and-mortar restaurants. Outside Nationals Park, monthly food truck festivals attract up to 20,000 people to a part of the city where new construction has stopped. Food trucks draw people to underutilized areas of the District, such as Franklin Square, and introduce new customers to surrounding brick-and-mortar businesses. In the Books & Bites program, the DCFTA is working with DC Public Library to revitalize and bring people to the area surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Food Trucks Are Good for Downtown

By bringing food to the densest areas of downtown, food trucks help reduce congestion and maximize the value of a parking space. In areas with no restaurants, such as 21st St. and Virginia Ave. NW, food trucks are providing freshly prepared meals to District workers and reducing their need to drive to other areas for lunch. And because a food truck may serve more than 100 people from a parking space during an average lunch, a food truck is one of the most efficient uses of public parking.

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