What’s New in the Food Truck Arena

These days food trucks are so advanced with high tech cooking equipment that even the beginner can start a successful food truck in no time.

Mobile food trucks are seen on city streets, corporate events, birthday parties, after parties, weddings and more.

Some of the best food trucks can carry almost any food type if the customer requests it. They are and can be “all-in-one” caterers for your special event.  We have seen food trucks that carry Pizza, Meatballs, Zeppoles, Cupcakes, Grilled Cheese, Mac & Cheese, Mexican, Sausage, Peppers, Paninis, Asian Fusion, American Barbeque, Korean Barbeque, Japanese Barbeque, Hot Dogs & Hamburgers, Ice Cream / Ices, Coffee & Sweets and more.

Some of our favorite food trucks that we have seen when we visited New York City are Best Food Trucks NYC and Valducci’s Pizza Truck in NYC.  They had great delicious food and the pricing was reasonable.

We will soon be providing a list of all the DC Food Trucks in the area so watch out for that post coming soon.  Happy Eating!